Get Ready, feel ready
college prep workshop

This comprehensive 4 session workshop is conducted in a small group setting and is intended for young adults who are in the process of transitioning from high school to college or are currently attending college as freshmen.

It focuses on building self sufficiency by introducing and practicing the necessary Life Skills for a smooth transition to the participant's new chapter.


This empowering workshop aims for learning practical strategies to promote and effectively deal with the following:

  • Self Advocacy & Assertiveness

  • Stress Management & Self Care

  • Time Management

  • Living on a budget

Limited to 10 participants and fills up quickly. Call Today to Reserve Your Spot.

self EMPOWERMENT Workshop

In a non judgmental and safe atmosphere I offer a comprehensive, hands on 3 hour workshop that aims at introducing and practicing effective strategies for self advocacy and assertiveness.

Participants will find and practice their own style of standing up for themselves, learn to claim their needs and better assert themselves while interacting with others.

This empowering workshop is conducted in a small group setting and is intended for adults.

Each workshop is limited to 10 participants to ensure quality.


Call Today to Reserve Your Spot.​

Body Awareness

For Children Ages 3-7

In a playful atmosphere, using creative modalities from the field of Expressive Therapies I work with children to promote body awareness while also boosting their self esteem.

This workshop draws from my book Thank You, Body: A Goodnight Book which celebrates the human body and helps build a positive self image.


The workshop is intended for families and educators in Schools, Community Centers, Children's Museums , Pediatric Medical Clinics and more.

team EMPOWERMENT Workshop

In an interactive and creative environment, using a variety of modalities from the field of Expressive Therapies, I work with small to medium sized teams to learn and practice self advocacy strategies as well as effective communication skills to improve engagement and collaboration in the workplace.

Intended for professional teams and staff, this workshop provides empowering take-away messages and tools to benefit participants in both their professional and personal lives.

I had the privilege of attending a clinic lead by Sharon Khen. She created an engaging and tailored made clinic aimed at one of our biggest challenges. She did an amazing job in making us relate to the issue in a personal way. I gained a new perspective that I will definitely use as a professional and as a parent.”

Sharon T.


Montgomery Medical Clinic

800 S. Frederick Avenue, Suite 110

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

​Tel: 301-922-8490

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